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Finding Your Inspiration

So, you have decided to refurbish, but what colours should you use?


There are no rights or wrongs, just your personal taste, how you would like a room or area to make you & others feel. These days we have so much access to ideas, through the internet, television & magazines – it can all become somewhat overwhelming.

If you are working on your bedroom, maybe you want it to have a romantic edge, whereas if you are refurbishing your Living room, a lighter, relaxed atmosphere could work better. I often look to things that make me smile, be it an image in a magazine or photograph, or out in the garden or whilst on a walk.

"I often look to things that make me smile, be it an image in a magazine or photograph"

Another idea, especially for you Ladies out there, is to look in your wardrobe. Possibly you have a favourite outfit, the colours suit your complexion, the top stitching adds a little detail & the finish on the buttons are just right – add in the accessories & you have a whole scheme sitting right there that probably suits your personality & makes you feel great to boot! These components could be revisited in a room perfectly.

Gents, you don’t have to feel left out here either, that pinstripe suit that looks great on you, maybe you like wearing it with your tan brogues – think it through & largely, you have a scheme that really works for you.

Many years ago, I bought a rather large painting – I actually bought two but later sold one. The remaining painting is quite imposing & has many colours in it. I have had it hang in many different styles of room, currently using the colours of the painting on upholsteries, walls, flooring & curtains. Previously, it has been hung in a predominantly white space – allowing the painting to be the focus & accent of the room.

When you have decided on your colours, make sure you add in some texture – this can really make a scheme come to life. If you consider all the fabrics in a room being in the same style of silk, the lack of texture would make the fabric plain. In the same room, if you had some of those fabrics replaced with a woolen weave; leather, velvet or chenille, this would make the silk look sumptuous & rich.

As always, the colours & textures will change during the day in natural light or at night using lamps – experiment to find the way you like it best. A few days considering will be far cheaper than having to replace something because you rushed in!


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