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Out of Sight, Out of Mind….

Why unique storage solutions might be the answer to your spring cleaning nightmares!


Easter is upon us and the time for Spring cleaning is near; how are you planning to organise your home without having to part with half of your possessions? We have all heard it a hundred times or more, but the truth is it works. Having a home that is tidy, leads to a clearer mind and a more relaxing place to live. Those with children will sympathise with a youngsters' room often looking like a bomb has dropped or that they may have been burgled, but it is not always their fault.

When arranging your home think about storage. I’m sure many of you have looked around show homes & they always look great – we do have to remember however, that no one is living there – often there are no wardrobes in the bedrooms or a very small one & whilst it is becoming more common to see built in wardrobes, the interior often doesn’t always offer practical storage solutions for all our belongings.

Whilst it is not always possible to build storage into the stairs, if you are looking at remodelling, building drawers into the stairs to store shoes, hats, scarfs, umbrellas & carrier bags for shopping is a great way to keep your entrance hall tidy & clutter free. Likewise, building cupboards under stairs, rather than the glory hole that is both inaccessible & impractical can really help with cleaning equipment, coats & the like.

This type of storage can be styled to suit the most modern of interior as well as more traditional settings & can be very cost effective.

Youngsters often have the smallest of rooms in our homes & whilst it is their space, we do have to realise that they need somewhere to sleep, play & do their homework, so arranging their space to provide all these elements can be taxing. One solution is of course by raising the bed to provide storage & possible a desk underneath, alternatively, a wardrobe & drawers with space to store their books & toys can create a much larger floor space that they can access & be able to put their belongings away again easily. Creating high level storage in a child’s rooms is not always as practical as it may seem as they may not be able to reach - this of course means that adult assistance may be required in both retrieving & replacing items. If you do consider a raised bed, do ensure that it is safe for the youngster to sleep in & a suitable ladder or stair is available for them to get in & out – especially when sleepy for that middle of the night visit to the bathroom.

The same principle can used throughout the home. With work surfaces being at a premium in smaller kitchens, careful planning of the units can make sure the space is utilised to is maximum potential & also makes finding things easy – we have all had to unload cupboards & drawers to retrieve a can from the back or a casserole dish from the bottom of a cupboard.

If like me, you have collected a few pairs of shoes over the years & not wanting to part with any of them, maybe creating storage, which doesn’t take as much space as you might think, could be turned into a focal point – not going to fit in everyone’s home but, it is so nice to be able to see all your prized pairs at once when you walk into the room!

In my home, when I was remodelling, I managed to squeeze in storage cupboards everywhere possible; either side of the fire breast - making the fire place appear larger, in shallow recesses – placing hanging rails in a front facing arrangement, even converting a wardrobe into a dresser with the addition of some shelves – to store crockery, glasses & drinks.

A walk in wardrobe I created I used inexpensive CD shelving with rails either side to provide space for suits, shirts, trousers, belts & scarfs, opposite a bookcase from B&Q became my shoe storage – you would be amazed to see how many shoes can be stored on a 3ft wide 6ft tall shelf unit!

Secret cupboards can be created & to top it all – there is far less dusting!


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