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A view of the Far East from the Orlando shop window...

How times have changed, the internet coupled with modern and faster ways to travel brings us delights today that the fabric traders a thousand years ago would have tethered their camels for. Orlando Interior Design are very chuffed to share with you the first glimpse of the stunning fabrics and colours of the Far East, bought to you by superb California fabric suppliers Thibaut. Get ready to bring into your home, work place, private space or commercial space (hotels, B&B's and more) a themed range of coordinating wallpaper, print and embroidered fabrics.

Working with the Thibaut fabric collection Orlando Interior Design have been busy working up their latest shop window display to showcase the wonderful and most inspiring fabrics and colours of the far east, inspired by the well-traveled and famous trade routes, such as the silk and amber routes, when hundreds of years ago, exotic fabrics were traded, soaked in rich colours. Thibaut designs were inspired by the handcraft, colour palettes and fabrics from the riches from the Far East, aptly named the “Trade Routes” collection.

What you need to know about Thibaut is that Thibaut is renowned for its stunning use of color. Thibaut has also become synonymous with beautiful traditional and transitional designs in signature colour palettes. Constantly experimenting Thibaut have developed the habit of presenting new ideas in a fresh and innovative manner. Color is the hallmark of Thibaut’s long lasting collections, and we love it! Thibaut have the luxury of a myriad of printing and weaving techniques and mills to best interpret any pattern. Most of Thibaut’s products are made in the USA, California. Just add a pair of shades and a drop top Cadillac and embrace the sunshine driving next to a beach with your hair (or scalp) feeling the wind...oh hang on, I left for an alternate reality for a moment there...

This December Orlando Interior Design are showcasing the first of the Thibaut "Trade Routes" collection, a composite of 6 spectacular colour themes. The first colour theme is called “Sun Baked” – you can come and visit Orlando Interior Design to touch and feel the fabrics, unlocking your imagination to allow the fabrics to tell the stories locked within their patterns and bring to life the full sensory experience as you imagine your living room draped with "Sun Baked" fabrics and wallpaper.

Each story will be showcased one at a time in the shop window of Orlando, the full collection is available to explore at Orlando Interior Design. Visit at: 2 Broad Street, Whittlesey, PE7 1HA.

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