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Home interior colours can help to cool your home this summer

It may not seem significant at first glance, but home interior colours can have a huge impact on the temperature in your home on a hot, sunny

day, particularly in rooms that get all-day sun.

This summer has been a scorcher and while we love to be outdoors and to make the most of the warmth, we want to reduce our home temperature during the hot season. We need to be able to retreat to our homes to catch a break from the heat.

A home that looks cool, feels cool.

Seasons come with their own colour palette. Light and bright colours are typically associated with spring and summer. Lighter colours have cooling effects and a way of capturing the joy of sunshine.

On a hot summer’s day, we avoid wearing dark clothing that could absorb heat and make us hotter. The same goes for our home interiors – dark colours hold the heat for much longer so should be used sparingly in rooms you know get a lot of sun.

But while we know the science behind dark colours and heat absorption, colour affects us physically as much as they do psychologically.

Simply being among cool interior colours, your mind recognises the space as a more comfortable setting, allowing you to shake the heat faster.

Light-reflecting colours avoid heat absorption.

While you’re out enjoying a beautiful summer’s day, the doors and windows in your home are shut, trapping as much heat as possible until they can be opened up again. That rush of stuffy air the moment you get home can be minimised through a clever use of light-reflecting interior colour.

Whites, creams and greys are always on trend and can be matched with any furnishings. These hues are excellent for reflecting light, rather than absorbing it.

Dark colours are able to absorb up to 70% of the day’s heat. This can sometimes make our home’s feel just as hot inside as they do outside!

Avoid summer’s heat build-up by using light-reflecting colours wherever possible in your interior decor.

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