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How can lighting effect your room?

When it comes to interior design, lighting plays a key role.

🌝 Natural light will immediately make your room appear larger, so if you have small windows try extending the rails or rods beyond the frame.

Strategically placed curtain rods can help you dodge the width on your window, this tricks the mind into thinking part of your wall is really glass.

Lighting a room

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Break your room into layers.

Think of your room as a cake. And, just like a cake, each layer builds on the other:

💡General/ambient lighting is the main layer of the cake: the substance. It’s typically 75% of the room’s light; it assures you can walk into a space without bumping into furniture.

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💡Task lighting is the cake’s frosting: without it, everything is drab and falls apart (and isn’t very appetizing).

Task lighting helps you accomplish everyday chores or tasks – from reading a book to chopping vegetables to brushing your teeth.

Write down all of the tasks that take place in a room, and make sure you plan lighting around them.

💡Accent lighting is the cream on top: enhancing all the flavors and finishing off the cake (or, in this case, room).

Accent lighting serves as a decorative element, enhancing certain architectural details –

like coves, tray ceilings and decorative trim.

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