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A taste of Holiday Decor

Bringing it home…

As we end the summer & look forward to the onset of autumn, we often look to fly abroad for a quick break to catch a few more rays of sunshine. The warmth of the sun on our skin, the blue skies & sea, white washed buildings & acres of terracotta floors, all help to make us feel relaxed & ready for the cooler weather. Maybe why many of us look to bring a taste of the holiday decor back & try to incorporate it into our own homes. As you walk through some of the larger house-ware retailers, we see moorish lanterns, Persian rugs & many other items that remind us of our travels. But does it always work?

I think the best way to look at this is to make it practical. Here in the UK, our climate & our light is very different to that of our holiday destinations abroad - part of the reason why we choose to relax there. We also have to appreciate that whilst we visit these places, we don't maintain them.

  • The very textured plaster finishes that we see on & in some properties abroad take so much effort & paint to decorate & seem to attract dust & cobwebs - however, some people like to decorate often & maybe this isn't an issue. Personally I would look to the simpler effects, but that is my taste.

  • Terracotta floors come in a variety of shades & finishes these days & they are easy to incorporate into our homes but do consider, they can be cold underfoot - so maybe underfloor heating could be considered, alternatively, rugs in the seating areas would keep your feet warm! Also - make sure you speak with the supplier to ensure that you get the finish you want, the tiles shall need to be sealed properly so that they don't stain & are easily cleanable. Do take care of them, they do break more easily than some floor tiles & anything that drops to the floor probably won't bounce well!

  • White walls! Just remember that our climate & light are not so warm, make sure you don't make it feel cold, blues can be lovely, especially the deep Mediterranean blues, but some will make it feel cold - you shall have forever your heating on!

  • Moorish Lighting are so popular these days, not just in homes but also in bars, restaurants & gardens. The often rustic metalwork combined with the coloured glass, subtle light of the bulb or the candles all bring an essence of the East to our homes. Remember that they often give a subtle light - not great for reading, but good for setting an atmosphere - they also work really well as a collection rather than singularly.

  • Outdoor living space - these are wonderful & really help us make the most of our gardens as an extension of our homes - great for entertaining, perfect for groups of all ages, a very social space for cooking, or relaxing. A good idea is to incorporate lighting into your scheme & possibly some form of out door heating so that you can really get the most use of the space - if it is feasible, you may be able to incorporate some form of retractible rain / sun screen so that it becomes useful even if the weather is as inclement!.

As always, it is your home, enjoy it, cherish it & make the most of it!

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